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We help every site that wants to grow together by embedding backlinks to your site.

but not all sites will comply with our terms, only those that are truly appropriate and useful for others.

We only help share good articles, with the categories Lifestyle, tutorials, technology, health, tips and tricks, and education

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Gonku.eu.org not help spread  sites about pornography, sex, gambling, alcoholic beverages, violence, fighting, fake news, and other things that violate public order.

if your site meets our criteria and want to build a good relationship with us

please contact gonku.eu.org admin via the available contacts

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Send us 5 articles that have the same category briefly, also add active links from each of these articles. without pictures and must be written in English, use google translate if you are still using another language

Send it to our admins

make according to the format that already exists on this site, please see one of our posts as a reference.

we will publish at least 2 days since we received the article, it could be faster or longer according to conditions

You may also post by your self according the term above. You have to send to gonkushare.freebacklink@blogger.com and it will be entry at the post draft Gonku.eu.org.

Admin will be check it and publish. So easy get a free backlink.

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