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Free Business Email, Lower Spam Score, Block Jingling Attacks, Articles From Expired Sites, Choose The Right Server Computer

The tutorial for beginner blogger 

Gonku photos tutorial

1. Create Email With Domain For Free

To run a business we need an email domain so that we look promising in the eyes of our customers. One of the domain email platforms that provides free and frequently used is Zoho Mail. Read more...

2. Effective Ways to Lower Blogs Spam Score

To improve the quality of a blog/web we can use the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) standards from Moz, Moz will update the DA and PA scores on several blogs/webs besides that Moz itself has a Spam Score feature which has a value of 0 - 27 which is used as a benchmark for a blog/web to measure how high the spam score is on that blog/web. Read more...

3. How To Overcome And Block Jingling Attacks

Have you ever experienced a drastic increase in visitors? If you have or have never experienced a surge in visitors to your blog, then you must read articles to prevent auto visitor attacks from random people. 
Jingling is a tool that serves to increase or increase traffic on your blog/website instantly. Traffic from Jingling is temporary, although it is temporary Jingling has a negative impact on your blog/website. Read more...

4. How To Retrieve Articles From Expired Sites

An obstacle to being a blogger is his productivity in creating content or articles for his blog. often bloggers who complain that they don't have time to update articles, run out of ideas to make articles, and so on. For example, I myself often run out of ideas to create new articles and on the other hand I consider articles to be the heart of a blog/web. Imagine if your blog rarely updates, of course, visitors will decrease. Read more...

5. How to Choose the Right Server Computer

As you know hosting uses a server, before going deeper into the world of computers, there are 2 types of computers that are often used, namely Client Computers and Server Computers. 

The server computer is a computer network hardware that is used to manage all activities that occur on the network. Read more...

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