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Microsoft Excel : Double Data, Create Invoice, Pivot Table, Hyperlink Menu, Dashboard Excel

Full tutorial for microsoft excel that can help you in creating documents, please read carefully and watch the video for better understanding

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1. Searching for Double Data in excel

As an administrator in a company you will be often find duplicate data from each report. Very carefully an admin checks the data one by one. If the data has made by microsoft excel, let try this tips to check it fast and easy. Read more...
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2. Create Invoice Form by Microsoft Excel

Invoice is a billing document for payment issued by the seller to the buyer and can be create by microsoft excel, here we will share to you how do it so easy. how to make a good invoice with microsoft excel complete with video tutorial as a complementary explanation. Read more...

Watch the video below 

3. How to Create an Excel Pivot Table?

Pivot table is a tool that can be used to calculate, summarize and analyze data that allows you to find patterns from the data. Here's how to create a pivot table in Microsoft Excel. Read more...

Watch the video below

4. Create Application Menu by Microsoft Excel, Hyperlink Menu

Hyperlink in excel have a function to ficilitate quick access to information, wheter in the form of the cell addresses, ranges, website addresses. Read more... Or watch the video below

 5. Social Media Dashboard Excel

Excel dashboard is a collection for analyzing data according ro the criteria of a recap report. Excel dashboard as a way to make the data information better graphs. Read more ... Or watch the video below

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