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Down Mental, Change Habits, Never Give Up, Develop Potential, Ikigai

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1. Mental Down? Check out these tips for those of you who are down

Even people who have a strong mentality are not impossible for them to experience a down or slumped mental condition. Often things get worse when we try to let it go, let alone take it for granted. Indeed, you can because you are used to it, but that does not mean you are negligent with this one thing. Read More...

2. Change Your Bad Habits By This way ..!

Changing a habit is not something that is quick and easy, it takes a process and a strong intention for it. Many people want to change their bad habits, but often that person stops in the middle of the road. In a close environment, it may be easy for us to find acute smokers who are eager to quit smoking. Or maybe you also often wake up late on holidays. Read More...

3. Why Did You Give Up? Remember the devil never stops teasing

Why are you desperate? While the devil is not tired of dragging you. All must understand that life is not always smooth and also not always miserable, there is a cycle of ups and downs of life like a wheel ball that is sometimes under the weight and above it floats freely. Read More...

4.  Find And Develop Your Potential As Early As Possible, Before Regret!

How to Find Talent Quickly? How to find talent is the most common question and it is a question for everyone who has problems related to talent. There are several ways that can be used as references to find talent as early as possible, JokkaJo.Com tries to present these methods.Read More...

5. Find Your Life Purpose With Japanese Tricks – Ikigai

The concept of ikigai itself is rooted in the culture of Japanese society. Although no one knows when the concept of ikigai first appeared and who was the first to implement it. So it is not surprising that Japanese people who follow this ikigai concept have a long life and remain active in their old age. To find this ikigai, we don't have to be Japanese to be able to find ikigai, right! The most important thing is that we can find and balance the four main aspects in the concept of ikigai, what are  the four aspects Read More

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