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HTML Code Site : Creating Paragraphs, Text Formating, Create Link, Create Form, Create List

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Learning html code for sites is very easy, read this article and apply it on your site

1. Creating Paragraphs

Paragraph is a collection of several sentences and paragraphs are usually used to create text or articles. To create a paragraph in html, it usually begins with a <p> tag, in addition to that tag, there are supporting tags such as <pre>, <br>, and <hr> . Read more...

2. Text Formatting in HTML

Text Formatting in HTMLIn general, HTML writing often uses text in it, both writing to open the title or the content of a content / page from the website. in HTML there are lots of special tags for making text formatting. Read more...

3. Creating Links in HTML

Link or hyperlink is an HTML element that serves to link a web page to another web page. To create a link you can use the <a> tag, which stands for anchor, each <a> tag has an href attribute the function of this href is to redirect or redirect the link to the destination address located in the value. Read more...

4. Creating HTML Forms

Form is a place to input data before it is processed by the system. The form is usually an interface that functions to collect user data, and will be processed by JavaScript or PHP and then stored in a MySQL table. For further discussion, I will discuss PHP and JavaScript material. To create a form in html we will use form tags, input, textarea, input, and radio. Read more...

5. Creating Lists in HTML

To display a list in HTML you can use the <ol>, <ul>, and <li> tags. There are two types of tag lists, namely ordered lists and unordered lists.

  • Ordered List is an ordered list whose function is to sort a list in alphabetical or numerical order. To create an ordered list, we can use the <ol> tag.
  • Undered List is an irregular list that serves to sort a list by symbol. To create an undered list, we can use the <ul> tag.Read more...

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