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Blood When Injured, Aerobic Gym, Doping Impacts, Tonsils Care, Pregnant And Lactating

Why does the blood stop on its own when it hurts? what is aerobic exercise and its benefits? explanation about doping, how to cure tonsils properly, knowledge about pregnant and lactating women.

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1. When Injured, Why Can Blood Stop Out By itself?

Anyone must have experienced injuries, whether it was from falling, slipping, being scratched by sharp objects, and so on. Usually, there will be blood coming out of the injured area of ​​the body. However, if the wound is minor, the blood will generally stop flowing on its own after a while. Why does the blood stop coming out on its own? Read more... 

2. Aerobic Gymnastics, Benefits, and Various Aerobic Gymnastics Movements

Aerobics is one of the most popular forms of fitness training. This is because aerobics is more fun to do and can be done alone or with other peopleAerobic exercise is not only healthy and helps you feel better but also helps you feel more comfortable, relieves stress and provides fun while exercising. Read more...

3. What is Doping?, Types of Doping, and their Negative Impacts on the Body

Ever heard of the term doping?. For those of you who often follow news developments about sports, you may often hear about athletes being punished for doping use. What exactly is dopingIs it like illegal drugs (drugs) so that it is also prohibited in the world of sports? Well, in this article, we will briefly find out what doping is and the impact of its use. Read more...

4. Traditional Natural Recipes To Treat Sore Tonsils (Tonsil Inflammation)

The surface of the tonsils is covered with a mucous membrane that is continuous with the lower part of the throat. Its surface is full of indentations, and within the many grooves are several mucus-producing glands. The secretions of the gland contain many lymphocytesIn addition, behind the child's throat, namely in the nasal cavity, there are also nasal tonsils. A pair of tongue tonsils are located at the base of the tongue. These tonsils work as the front line of defense against infections that enter through the nose and mouth. Read more...

5. Mothers Should Pay Attention to After Childbirth and the Importance of Breastfeeding for Babies

In general, the gestation period is calculated from the time of conception to birth, the length is about 226 days or 38 weeks or 9 months 10 days. The corpus luteum will degenerate (shrink) at the age of ten weeks after fertilization. To maintain uterine life, the placenta replaces the corpus luteum by producing the hormones progesterone and estrogenThe older the gestational age, the more estrogen in the blood, while the less progesterone. Read more...

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