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Site reviews accepted and getting income from Google Adsense

Earn money from google adsense

The following article is a review of sites that are accepted by Google Adsense as an ad publisher and earn money

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1. Blogs Can Pass Google Adsense Review, Here's The Process And Tips by JokkaJo.com

I started building this site since July 2019, it can be seen from my first post published on July 15, 2021 as an initial post and an introduction to myself.

Because with a background as a hobby of writing, it is one of the reasons I started a personal blog as a place for me to spend thoughts or a form of response to social dynamics, rather than shouting at WA stories and seeing only the closest people, so it is more fitting if what is the fruit thought is displayed in a blog post so that it can be read by many people. Read more...

2. Received First Paycheck from Google AdSense by Reisha.net

Last November 2019, I finally received my first income from Google AdSense, thank God. We can get paid from Google AdSense when our income has reached the minimum limit of $100 (if the account currency is USD) or the equivalent of $100 (for IDR so IDR 1,300,000). Read more...

3. Facts About My Blog Accepted Google Adsense, Review by Irfan.id

After a year of blogging with irfan.id, I finally thought about monetizing my blog, with the hope that this blog could pay for itself (domain and hosting costs). When I signed up for Google Adsense, the number of visitors to my blog was only 225 visitors per day with a total pageview of 300 views. Not much is it ? Read more...

4. After So Many Time Rejected, Finally The Blog Is Accepted By GOOGLE ADSENSE by Rizafirli.com

Making activities as a blogger a money field is the dream of almost every blogger. Following the Indonesian blogger forum on Facebook, I found many interesting things, one of which was the Adsense blog. After my 12th year blogging, I just got approved last February 2021 on Adsense blog. Previously, I had applied several times in 2013, 2018, and 2021, but in 2021 I was only accepted. Read more...

5. My blog is one week old, immediately accepted by google adsense, this is the Latest Successful way by Terusberjuang.com

Being a person who focuses on internet marketing, especially the google adsense publisher, feels like nano-nano, it feels like a million. Like people say it's easy. There are people who have managed a blog for years but have not yet been accepted by Google Adsense as a partner, but there are also those who have just started a blog and are immediately accepted and can make money. This is indeed a dynamic that we must deal with in order to continue to be successful and succeed in getting benefits from internet marketing. Read more...

6. Google Adsense Accepted My Blog within 2 months by Ariestwn.com

It's been about 2 months since I first created this website in December 2019. And thank God, this blog has been accepted by Google Adsense, only in less than 2 months. Then what is the secret why this blog can be accepted by Google Adsense in just 2 months? Read more...

7. Experience of being accepted as a Non Hosted Google AdSense Partner by Fianhar.com

Your account has been fully approved , this sentence opens the email I received in connection with the Google Adsense registration that I previously registered, the email from adsense-noreply @google.com that I received on March 29 2018, which indicates Google has approved my account as Non Hosted Google AdSense partner. Read more...


We found many articles about the experience of being a google adsense partner and making money from it. but Gonku picked the 7 best articles for you

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